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Attitude Dancing

Helena’s dancing so overwhelmed me with awe and happiness that when I heard that she was at a place on Hollywood Boulevard called the Greek Village, I dragged every date there and made him pay clip-joint prices so I could see the girl move.

How to Be Jamie Lee Curtis

She is girl and woman, boy-cut hair and D-cup breasts; she is Melrose Avenue and the floundering androgyny of the ’80s; and she is Betty Boop dresses and the role-divided certainty of the ’50s. She is a relief to men and a pal to gals.

Neighborhood Characters

The strength of this novel is the author’s ear for dialogue, talk so good that it evokes the clink of glasses, the dead hours of early morning, the smoke in the air and the strains of the jukebox.

The Stacks Chat: Alex Wolff

“We did want to make sure the full span of the game’s history was represented, and include a sampling of profiles of great players and coaches, and the many ways peculiar to basketball that the sport presents itself, from clowning to analytics.”