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The Attentive Eye

The Attentive Eye

Helen Dudar was one of the premier newspaper and magazine writers of the second half of the 20th Century—that the only thing separating her from the more notorious journalists of the day was her want of any talent at or will for self-promotion.

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Hitchhiking, thumb up on some dusty road with the diesels honking and the curious kids in the back of the station wagons blinking their eyes, was the only way to go.

Agee Unfettered

At last we have “A Death in the Family” that appears closer to the author’s original intention. It serves as a fresh reminder of the wondrous nature of Agee’s prose—unabashedly poetic, sacramental in its embrace of reality, and rhythmical as rain on a Tennessee tin roof.

Benching Himself

Rather than just another “old head” peering querulously at a new generation of players through the chain-link fence of a court he once ruled, the Wideman of Hoop Roots is a tortured solitary desperately looking backward, trying to collect enough of the past to give him strength in a darkening future.