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The Art of Hanging Out

Miss Didion surely deserves a wide audience among those readers who may still be turned on by such qualities as grace, sophistication, nuance, irony and, as Miss Didion observed in another context, “what used to be called character.”


“You can help teach people how to draw,” Franz Kline said, “but you can’t teach them to be painters. All you can do is let them know they better love it or get the hell out.” 

Summers of Love

From his Fenway Park debut, on April 17, 1964, until August 18, 1967, when he was beaned by the California Angels’ Jack Hamilton, Tony C was the perfect ballplayer, in the perfect place, at the perfect time.


Hitchhiking, thumb up on some dusty road with the diesels honking and the curious kids in the back of the station wagons blinking their eyes, was the only way to go.