A living archive of the best print journalism, curated by Alex Belth.

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Helen—An Introduction

“Helen Dudar wrote the way Ella Fitzgerald sang. They both made it look easy when it wasn’t.”

The End of The Game

Peter Beard is comfortable in a number of wild kingdoms. In Africa, he gained renown as the chronicler of the destruction of the continent’s wildlife. In America and Europe he led his own wild life and was a centerpiece of the Studio 54 scene. Stephen Fried goes on safari to track down the peripatetic preppy.

Oh, You Beautiful Doll

Before she was 17, Brooke Shields was famous for being famous. Under the tutelage of her hard-driving mother, she’d already realized two American fantasies: she was a movie star and a millionaire. 

The Hollow Clown

For 20 million fans, Jackie Gleason was the essence of comedy; to his critics, he was the quintessence of vulgarity. A visit with The Great One.

Holed Up With Nolte

“Katharine Hepburn said to me, ‘I hear you’ve been drunk in every gutter in town.’ I said, ‘Well, I just about got it covered, Kate.’ ” 

Dumb Broad at a Dumb Fight

“I felt awfully depressed, but there was a certain solace in slowly coming to realize that millions of people around the world who knew a great deal about boxing felt exactly the way I did.”

Cocktail Hour

The drug companies invested billions. Research scientists raced to find answers. Activists dogged every step. The FDA changed its rules. The breakthrough that followed may mean that AIDS is no longer an automatic death sentence.

A living archive of the best print journalism, curated by Alex Belth.